Traditional karate + modern self defence

Want to get fit physically and mentally?

At Shudokan Karate we combine ancient traditional karate and modern practical self defence.

Looking for a fun, dynamic, and inclusive sport? Shudokan Karate welcomes beginners from 13+ to martial arts and self defence.

We teach traditional Goju Ryu Karate techniques including punch, strike, block and kick as well as practical self defence skills, awareness strategies, instinct based movement and how to de-escalate conflict.

Learning traditional karate has many benefits for teenagers – self discipline, dedication, goal setting, with practice required to see results.

Our Practical Self Defence training uses real situation scenarios relevant to the teens daily lives. We listen to teens in order to design and incorporate routines that they want to learn.

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Shudokan Karate is offering a free lesson to all new students!
All you need is comfy clothing like shorts, track pants, tee-shirt, supportive sports shoes – and your enthusiasm!
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What can Karate do for you?

  • Understand that effort = results
  • Improve fitness and core strength
  • Grow in confidence and self-worth

  • Combat stress

  • Develop a sharper memory
  • Increase your energy

No More Intimidation!

At Shudokan Karate, our practical self defence training will give you the confidence to stand up to bullying and intimidation.

We will give you usable skills that will translate to real-life situations. This includes how to manage and deescalate threats posed by bullying behaviours.

Our Classes

Our combined traditional karate and practical self defence training is a great way for teens to get active, improve their confidence, learn how to control emotions, and develop their fitness and strength.

Students will build lasting friendships with their peers who have a common goal – to get fit and be able to defend themselves.

The combination of karate and self defence training empowers our teens to feel safe, mentally fit, confident and strong. The classes instill respect, teamwork, improved social skills, active listening, and co-ordination.

Our Studio

Shudokan Karate and Self Defence classes for teens are held in a Martial Arts and Boxing Studio in the West Lindfield Community Hall.

We train on professional martial arts mats and have access to lots of equipment including hanging bags, focus mitts, punch shields, skipping ropes, balance cushions, hand weights, slam balls, resistance bands, and footwork ladders.

The studio is air-conditioned for comfortable training sessions and also has convenient onsite parking.

The Shudokan Karate Team

All employees of Shudokan Karate have current WWCC (working with children check) and a passion to see every teen in our club excel in their Karate, Self Defence, and fitness pursuits in and outside the class.

Our Senior Instructor Sensei Joe is a qualified Krav Maga Coach with many years’ experience in traditional Martial Arts and the fitness and exercise industry. His easy-going nature and genuine passion for teaching martial arts make it easy for students to learn the basics and progress to mastering the finer points of self defence techniques.

Our Traditional Karate Instructor Sensei Dylan was taught by our Principal. He is a qualified High School teacher with a bright and engaging personality. His techniques are razor-sharp, quick, and effective.

Caroline Manly, Sensei and founder of Shudokan Karate

Our Founder

Our founder, Sensei Caroline, commenced karate in 1983 under the instruction of Sensei Len Resnekov. Her dedication and love of the practice of karate, and particularly the kata, resulted in numerous medals and trophies from various nationwide competitions.

Sensei Caroline founded Karate for Kids in 1991, shortly after attaining her first black belt (Shodan). The curriculum evolved over the years, always underpinned by the traditions of Okinawan Goju Ryu karate. Sensei adapted her teaching style for each generation of students, catering to their unique needs, resulting in Karate for Kids being a progressive and successful dojo.

As Karate for Kids students became teens, it made sense to divide the dojo and form Shudokan Karate in addition to Karate for Kids. Shudokan translates to “the hall for the study of the way of karate” or “a Karate-do Dojo”.

Sensei’s philosophy is to be humble, providing credit and recognition to others. This legacy is one she would like to leave for future generations of Karate Ka.

Enrolment & Fees

Joining Shudokan Karate is quick and simple. Once you’ve decided to join us you’ll need to complete our enrolment form via Enrolmy. Once we have your information we’ll be in contact with the next steps.
  • Shudokan Karate’s enrolment fee: $20.00
  • Shudokan Karate’s training fee per term: $245.00 (includes Public Liability fee)
Shudokan Uniform
  • Shudokan tee shirt and black karate pants (available for purchase when you enrol)
  • Karate shoes – These are not compulsory, but you will need to purchase. contact us for advice on what and where to buy.
Want some recognition for your hard work?

Shudokan Karate has a success ladder, to mark your successful training milestones. The coaches will invite you to attempt your next grade when you’ve demonstrated excellent class attendance and improvement in a range of karate and self defence skills. Gradings are held during classes at the end of each term.

  • Cost: $30.00 for colour belt gradings

What to Wear & Bring

  • White Shudokan tee shirt and black karate pants (available for purchase when you enrol)
  • Karate shoes – contact us for advice on what and where to buy

  • Please bring a drink (water) to your lesson

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Class Times

  • Tuesdays during school term
  • Teens Karate and Self Defence class 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm


  • West Lindfield Community Hall, 2 Bradfield Rd, Lindfield NSW
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